[12] Settling into BC

Who knew that driveway, socially distanced parties would be such a hit?!

[11] Covid Chronicles

Like everyone else in the world, March 2020 was a whirlwind for us. Our school had moved to online learning as Jakarta was officially in a state of lockdown, due to the Covide situation.

[10] Exploring Yogyakarta

We were told that there was so much culture to see in Yogyakarta and so many places to visit and that was definitely accurate information!

[9] Thousand Islands

We went to bed in our open hut, listening to the sound of the water hitting the stairs and feeling the cool, seabreeze; much better than any 5 star hotel I’ve ever stayed in!

[8] Volcano Venture

The views in every direction, the texture of the ground, the insanely powerful wind from the top, combined with the feeling of experiencing an incredible adventure with so many individuals who were strangers only a few months before, was a memory we will not soon forget.

[7] Bali Bound

The idea of going to Bali with my parents and sister, to meet Kelvin’s parents, seemed so easy and peaceful the morning we drove to the airport. When we realized we had forgotten Kelvin’s laptop bag in the car that had just driven away and my sister was throwing up in the airport bathroom, it seemed slightly less peaceful…

[6] The Countdown is Over

So most people move overseas maybe see their family once a year. I had made it three months and was beyond proud of myself. Needless to say, I was PUMPED when the day finally came where we got to welcome my family into our new home!

[5] Are We There Yet?

We thought we were just driving up to some waterfalls, but we ended up running into a full day of hilariously random attractions.

[4] Fifth Floor Humanities

The first day that we stepped foot into our new school was beyond exciting. We are working at an International School called, “Sekolah Pelita Harapan,” located in Kemang Village. 

[3] Home Sweet Home

Move across the world. Say goodbye to everyone you love. Move out of your first home together. Quit your job that you love. Say hello to a new culture, new language, new food. Move into a new home.

[2] Singapore Sights

Once we had left the airport/Kelvin finally convinced me that there is more to see in Singapore than the airport, we headed for our hotel and settled in for the week ahead. 

[1] The Adventure Begins

July 12, 2019 will forever be a memorable day in our life. It was the day that marked a lifetime of dreaming coming to life, the hardest goodbyes I have ever experienced and another day where God showed off His magnificent sovereignty.

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