[9] Thousand Islands

Last year, my birthday weekend ended up being very eventful in the Benger home. Kelvin took a group of Senior School students to Taiwan for a robotics competition, and a group of ladies and I went to the Thousand Islands. I know robotics is pretty exciting, but I definitely think I got the better end of the deal!

After our experience going to Krakatau a few weeks before this, the boat ride seemed like a luxury cruise. We were so impressed at how well the boat driver knew the area as he was going around so many islands that looked the exact same, with complete confidence of where to go.

Being out on the water was so refreshing as it is such a contrast to the everyday city life of living in Jakarta. After making a bunch of stops, dropping people off at different islands, we came to our home for the weekend, Tiger Island.

We stayed at a place called, “Tiger Island Village & Eco Resort,” which has the most incredible mission. Their website says the following, “We do our best to be eco-friendly and are experimenting with efficient energy initiatives, natural building techniques, island based organic farming, coral planting, rain water harvesting, water efficiency, and local educational and economic initiatives to boost quality of life for the communities in our region. We also prioritise food and do our best to keep it delicious AND healthy. Ultimately, we hope to make you feel at home and hopefully inspired by a little pocket of bliss on the doorstep to Jakarta.”

The colour of the water was absolutely stunning and was full of so much life! The eco resort had created coral beds all over the island, to help promote healthy coral reefs and increase sustainability. It was so inspiring to see all their initiatives about how much they are intentionally trying to make a positive impact on the environment around them.

We had a super low-key afternoon, relaxing in our new home and exploring the island, which took about 10 minutes to walk around. In the evening, we realizing the significance of our hut being called the “Sunset Hut” as we had a stunning view of the sun setting that evening!

I’m not sure if there’s anything more stunning than the view of the sun setting over the water!

We went to bed in our open hut, listening to the sound of the water hitting the stairs and feeling the cool, seabreeze; much better than any 5 star hotel I’ve ever stayed in! It also made for the perfect morning view!

The food here was so delicious. The staff would go out in the morning to catch what would then be dinner that night. It really doesn’t get any more fresh than this!

When we woke up on the second day, we got to go on a snorkeling trip. They took us in a boat for about 20 minutes and then we all jumped in for about an hour. It was super fun to explore the waters and see so many beautiful plants and fish. We also really appreciated how intentional they were about teaching us how to be careful and not cause any damage.

Thanks for a great trip, ladies!

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