[8] Volcano Venture

Hands down, one of our favourite memories from last year was when we went to Krakatau, which is an active volcano. One of our friends found this agency that includes a weekend trip where you camp on an island, right next to the volcano. This was about as much information as we had before we signed up to go.

To add to the excitement, Kelvin had food poisoning the night before and threw up all night. We messaged the group and told them we wouldn’t be coming as he clearly wasn’t in a good state to go. However, a few hours after we sent this, he started to feel a bit better. At the last minute, we made a run for it and tried to catch up to the group (which is not an easy task in Jakarta traffic). It was about a 3 hour drive to the port where we would be getting the boat. What we didn’t quite think through was how rough these windy roads would be for Kelv but he was a champ!

We had some friends kindly wait back for us after sending two boats ahead to the island. We walked over to the dock and our friend said, “There’s our boat.” I genuinely thought he was joking as it was tiny and did not look like it was a good fit for the visibly choppy waves. Once again, I turned to my still decently sick husband with some worried eyes, but he smiled and headed for the boat (like I said…champ!).

After the choppiest 1.5 hour boat ride I had ever been on (there were moments when you waves were so big they completely engulfed the sides of the boat), we successfully arrived to our home for the weekend. As you can see, Kelv was very relieved to be able to lie down and relax.

It was a pretty special thing to have an entire island to ourselves, while having so many local Indonesians workers around as they set up the shelters, cooked the food, and took us out in the boats for some adventures.

We were then told that they were taking a group to the volcano to explore. At this point, Kelv and I were thinking we would probably stay back on the Island to continue to let his stomach rest. However, at the last minute, we decided to join and looking back, we are so glad we did. I did not realize we were heading to what would soon become one of our favourite and most cherished adventures in Indonesia so far.

As we approached the volcano, I was literally in awe as it was the most picture-perfect sight. As we arrived, it felt like we had just landed on the moon.

I think by this point, I had said “WOW” about 85 times and the photographer in me was going insane. We continued to hike up and as we did, it was getting windier and windier as we were approaching the top of the volcano.

The walk down was just as breaktaking as the walk up, as we now got to see a panorama view of what was behind us. Needless to say, I’m so glad we went and extra glad my camera was fully charged!

This was one of the most breathtaking experiences for us as we hadn’t ever seen anything like this before. The views in every direction, the texture of the ground, the insanely powerful wind from the top, combined with the feeling of experiencing an incredible adventure with so many individuals who were strangers only a few months before, was a memory we will not soon forget.

As we approached our island, our boat driver turned off the engine and we got to sit and enjoy a breathtaking sunset. It is very rare that we see sunsets in Jakarta as there is so much pollution, so this was a big treat.

After waking up from a sleep that involved some seemingly giant rats exploring the outside of our tent, we enjoyed a delicious breakfast and some hot coffee together.

Here’s to an unforgettable weekend with some exceptional people!

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