[12] Settling into BC

After we finished our quarantine in Alberta, we flew to BC to live at my parents for what would be the bulk of the summer. We ended up getting into a really good routine of pretending it was summer for the day, and then working from around 6pm onwards due to the time difference between Indonesia and Canada. My parents just moved to a new home, which is about a 2 minute walk from a very quiet, isolated beach, which makes for a great backyard.

One of the perks of being home for so long was we ended up getting to celebrate so many birthdays that we wouldn’t have otherwise been able to join. Who knew that driveway, socially distanced parties would be such a hit?!

We definitely got our beach and sunset fill while living here. It was such a treat to get to walk down to the beach every night after dinner and soak in all the fresh air.

Queen Elizabeth park in Vancouver is one of our favourite spots to have a picnic and go for a walk. We managed to come when the flowers were in full bloom and got to celebrate my Mom for Mother’s Day!

One of the spots that I often think about the most while we are in Indonesia is Golden Ears park. This is one of my favourite places as you feel so small in comparison to the vastness of the forest. As you walk through the trails and take a moment to look up, you literally feel engulfed by the massive trees.

Another activity we were so thankful for was to have so many spaces to walk through nature. In case you haven’t picked up on the theme yet, Jakarta is definitely not known for their open spaces to go for long walks. We definitely took advantage of this and made it a daily habit to enjoy getting out and enjoying some beautiful nature walks!

This night was one of the most memorable “Covid season” moments. We were visiting with some friends in Vancouver and heard people singing above us. We ended up bringing our dinner to their rooftop patio, as we found out that some members from the Vancouver orchestra were putting on a free show for everyone. There must have been 50+ people sitting on the balconies enjoying a drink or their meal, listening to these gentlemen playing. The best!

One of our other big highlights was getting to go for bike rides along the Stanley Park Seawall. This is a beautiful ride with such breaktaking views!

Super thankful for all this extra time with family and getting to soak up all the beauty in Vancouver!

Our last adventure before heading back to Indonesia was a quick trip over to Victoria, BC. It’s a family tradition to go at least once a year and it was super special we managed to go together this year!

So thankful for family and we will forever cherish this time we got to spend together!

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