[11] Covid Chronicles

Like everyone else in the world, March 2020 was a whirlwind for us. Our school had moved to online learning as Jakarta was officially in a state of lockdown, due to the Covide situation. Kelvin’s family had just flown to Indonesia to spend our Spring Break with us. Three days into their time with us, Trudeau made an announcement encouraging all Canadians to return home from travelling. My in-laws booked a flight for that night and ended up flying home, cutting their trip short by several weeks as they were going to visit some friends in New Zealand after spending time with us. At this point, Kelvin and I were discerning what we should do as we knew we wanted to be back in Canada for the summer and it seemed this was our window to head back.

At this point, our school hadn’t finalized whether we would remain online for the rest of the school year. We decided to wait until that decision was finalized so we didn’t find ourselves in a situation where we needed to fly back to Indonesia to finish the school year if we had left too early.

Three days after Kelvin’s family left, we got the email saying we would not return to the building to teach. Four days after receiving this email, we were on a plane back to Canada. This came as a bit of a shock to the system as we weren’t planning to be back in Canada for another three months. Thankfully, we have some very generous family members who were willing to house and feed us for what became a very long summer in Canada!

We flew directly to Alberta, where we joined Kelvin’s family in quarantine for two weeks. This was very sacrificial of them as they had already started their quarantine a week ahead of us, so they ended up spending 3 weeks in their home. It was definitely a shock to the system to be in snow as we have gotten very used to 35+ degree weather.

There were many perks of staying with my in-laws as you can see in the photos below: a hot tub, the most delicious home-cooked meals, people always up for games, and a super cozy home.

While we were here, we also were still teaching our students in Jakarta. This proved to be a very different change of pace as we were free most of the day and then started work at around 7pm at night. Some nights, we worked until around 2am, which was the ultimate test of trying to teach enthusiastically while you were beyond exhausted. Thankfully, Kelv’s parents have a downstairs area that they let us take over and set up our work there. Kelvin’s baby photos were some nice inspiration all over the walls too 😉

We ended up spending around 3 weeks here and then flew over to BC, where we started the next chapter of our homeless journey!

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