[7] Bali Bound

The idea of going to Bali with my parents and sister, to meet Kelvin’s parents, seemed so easy and peaceful the morning we drove to the airport. However, when we realized we had forgotten Kelvin’s laptop bag in the car that had just driven away and my sister was throwing up in the airport bathroom, it seemed slightly less peaceful. Needless to say, thanks to the amazing women who translated for us as we called the GoCar support line, as well as a handy airport wheelchair for my sister, we were happy to report we eventually made it to Bali!

We stayed in the Ramada Encore hotel for the equivalent of $30/night CAD. It was an unreal deal for the cost of our stay. We were also able to walk to the beach in about 20 minutes, which lead us through some great shops and markets on the way.

First day exploring the beach and everyone was smiling! Even the one who had been throwing up in the airport the day before!

We spent the day going to a bunch of different beaches and rotating through swimming, eating, and relaxing. It is a hard life!

…like really hard life.

We then headed to one of the temples and loved listening to the sound of the waves crashing up against the cliffs.

Kelvin’s parents knew of a much more remote temple and somehow managed to direct our driver there. We felt like we were walking on the cliffs in Australia; it was strange to remember that we were still in Indonesia!

We then headed for lunch and found a great place, seemingly in the middle of nowhere, that had a beautiful view of the rice patties.

Naturally, we then headed back to the beach after lunch – ha! It’s no wonder we were as sunburnt as we were. We sat down on these lounge chairs, foolishly thinking we were doing an innocent act but didn’t realize we were starting our tab where they would then tell us how much we owed them for sitting down. Since we realized we were paying, we decided to make the most of it and had coffee brought to us and continued to enjoy the sound of the beach. Again, certainly not complaining!

One of the things I was most excited about for this trip was getting to see sunsets again. In Jakarta, there is usually so much smog that it is very uncommon to see the sun setting at night. This was a big treat!

The next day, we got to go to a bunch of different spots all over Ubud. Our driver was fantastic and had some great suggestions. We started at a cultural dance performance which was a really neat experience.

We then went to a silver manufacturing store and learned how much work goes into creating the beautiful jewelry that we see in stores. Each bead takes about 1 week to make from start to finish and is sold for a total of $8 CAD. Since moving to Indonesia, I have learned so much about knowing where products come from and looking past the price tag when making decisions about what to buy.

We then went to a coffee plantation and were so thankful that our guide brought us here. They started by showing us the process of how coffee is made, and then led us to a table and told us to wait there as they brought us some samples. We assumed they might have brought us a pot of coffee and some mugs, but instead, they brought us the most incredible spread of AMAZING coffee and tea to try. I might be back here 97 more times in my life.

Did you really go if you don’t take photos in all the tourist traps?!

We then headed to another temple and really enjoyed walking around and admiring all the architecture of the buildings. I remember going through the churches in Europe and marveling at all the detail that went into literally ever cm of the buildings. I found similarities in these temples as the detail was absolutely mindblowing.

We then got to check out the rice patties and enjoyed such a beautiful landscape that isn’t one we are used to.

It wouldn’t be a trip to Bali without going to the Ubud Monkey Forest. My mom absolutely loves monkeys so it was pretty fun to bring her here!

Needless to say, the monkeys certainly weren’t lonely!

By far one of my favourite moments of our trip. This guy (who I still don’t think actually worked there) offered to give us food so we could get a little closer to the monkeys. Needless to say, when I told my mom to come over here for a moment, she was in for a surprise!

If only the photos could capture the squeals that came from this woman when we were there…

Kelvin somehow managed to summon the monkeys over to him just by sitting still and looking somewhat ‘calm.’

Continually thankful for the sunsets that we got to see!

Bintang, want to sponsor us?

Quite confident I could move into a tent on the beach for the rest of my life and be quite content…

As much as I love the sunset, the part I often love the most is the colours that come out after the sun has set. This was easily one of the most pastel-like nights that I have ever seen. It was stunning!

Our last spot was heading down to Uluwatu temple and we once again got to see the beautiful coast. One of the features that stood out to me the most in this location was the beautiful flowers that lined the edge. It’s hard to leave places like these! Though the mildly terrifying monkeys lining the roads helped us decide it was in fact, time to leave eventually…

Forever grateful for family who were willing to fly out to spend time with us. We love that us moving has meant more time traveling with our family and getting to explore new places together. So very thankful!

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