[6] The Countdown is Over

So most people move overseas and maybe see their family once a year. I had made it three months and was beyond proud of myself. Needless to say, I was PUMPED when the day finally came where we got to welcome my family into our new home!

They right away got to experience the joys of living in a busy city as the ride home from the airport took about double the amount of time it should have as there was so much traffic. Technology is a game-changer when it comes to being able to let others in on your experiences. Nothing about our home surprised our family as we had given them so many virtual tours of our place, which I loved.

I was super thankful to have been granted a personal day, so had a chance to see the sites with my family on the first day they were here. We headed to the biggest mosque in South East Asia and the third-largest one in the world. We had a fantastic tour guide and really enjoyed what we learned from our time with him.

We then got back into a car and started towards our next spot. My parents had been in the process of trying to sell their house, so they thought they would quickly check their emails to see if there was any update. A few minutes later, they were signing paperwork that officially sold their home. Never a dull moment in the back of a GoCar driving down the streets of Jakarta!

We then ended up at a Textile Museum where it showcased some beautiful Batik work. My mom and sister were quite excited, while my dad patiently waited on a bench for the shoppers to be done…

We then had a chance to make our own Batik! Quite possibly the first time in my life I saw my dad do “arts and crafts,” and more than likely the last time – ha! We started by choosing a design that we traced onto a piece of fabric.

This was his reaction when he found out that the tracing onto the fabric was only step one…

We then used a tool to put hot wax all over the design. It didn’t take long for us to have a new appreciation for how Batik is made as it was quite the process!

The staff then took our final products and finalized the design by dying them in different colours. As we waited for them to dry, we went for a walk in the courtyard and found some beautiful spots!

We definitely need to give credit to the lady who dyed the final product as these look approximately 500x better than when we handed them over. Having seen this tiny taste of how much work goes into the final product, it definitely made us appreciate what we have seen in stores so much more!

We then headed to my favourite restaurant for some delicious food before heading home and basking in the AC. We didn’t think their Jakarta experience was final until we ordered food to the pool and had massages arrive at our home… it’s amazing that they actually got on the plane to return home a week later!

We also had a chance to introduce my family to some of the key people that have made our journey here so fantastic. We love that they had a chance to meet the faces that we have been talking about for so long.

That weekend, we were officially on break so we all headed on a plane to go to Bali and meet up with Kelvin’s side of the family! So very thankful that everyone was willing to fly out here to spend time with us!

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