[3] Home Sweet Home

“There are great things in store.”

“There are great things in store.”

“There are great things in store.”

This is what I heard the Lord say to me over and over as I turned to him in moments of slowly processing what was happening. I realized at multiple points just how easy it would be to freak out.

Move across the world. Say goodbye to everyone you love. Move out of your first home together. Quit your job that you love. Say hello to a new culture, new language, new food. Move into a new home and start a new job.

But, there are great things in store.

We will never forget the feeling of being picked up at the airport and being driven to our new home. For two hours, we drove down unfamiliar streets, saw faces of people who we have never met, and names of restaurants we didn’t recognize. It was a surreal feeling to be driving through our new neighbourhood, knowing that this was our new home.

We walked into our condo and were met by the wife of the Head of Schools and her kids. They showed us around our place and put in a pizza order for dinner for us. We were then left just the two of us and stood in the middle of the room beaming at each other. This was it. The start of the dream we had been dreaming for so many years.

Later that evening, we went to the clubhouse to try to connect to wifi so we could send our families a message. We were then greeted by another couple who lives here and they had two big containers of vegetables and fruit for us. They had literally walked around the complex looking for us so they could deliver the food to us as they remembered when they first moved here, all they wanted was fresh veggies and fruit. We knew in that moment that we had just moved into a very special community.

On our way back to our condo, we stopped in the middle of the complex and looked up at the sky. It was full of bright stars, which, we would soon learn how rare of a sighting that is.

After a long and eventful day, we put our heads on our pillows, and were fully convinced that there are great things in store.

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