[4] Fifth Floor Humanities

The first day that we stepped foot into our new school was beyond exciting. We are working at an International School called, “Sekolah Pelita Harapan,” located in Kemang Village. The schools target the wealthiest children in Indonesia with the hopes of making an impact on the nation as a whole. One of the biggest reasons we decided to accept positions at this school was because of their mission and vision for this country. Kelvin is teaching Business 7, Math 8, Math 9, and Business 9. I am teaching Humanities 8, Global Perspectives 9, Global Perspectives 10, and English 9. We were so fortunate to find a school that had two positions open that were perfect for each of us.

Bonus, our rooms come with a pretty snazzy view as we are up so high. Word on the street is during rainy season, you can actually see mountains where you just see pollution; definitely excited for that day!

We had new teacher orientation for the week and were so excited about all the staff that we were going to be working with. It’s a really unique situation as your colleagues are your neighbours, weekend plans, church carpooling group, and the people you eat lunch with everyday. It’s a big win that the staff are amazing, as avoiding them would have been next to impossible… ha!

My favourite moment was when our Head of Schools took Kelvin and I for a tour around the school. As we got to the fifth floor humanities wing, he showed us Kelvin’s room. We then walked a little further down the hallway and he casually said, “I think Megan is right next to you.” I couldn’t help but laugh out loud as this was a dream come true for me and Kelvin’s worst nightmare. I was thinking about how adorable the setup was, while Kelvin was thinking about how high energy of classes I like to have (which don’t usually make for the best neighbours). The bonus is, when we walked in the room, we realized that there is a glass panel about a meter wide that goes floor to ceiling and allows you to look into the classroom next to you. As I started brainstorming the pranks I could do on my next door neighbour, Kelvin was brainstorming what he could put up to cover the glass panel.

Here’s the before and after of my attempt at making my room a little more homey:

It was lots of fun to try and decorate the rooms, without all the usual dollar stores and teacher warehouses around. Kelvin spent about 95% of the week prepping curriculum and 5% attaching some things to the walls and I spent about 95% decorating and maybe 5% prepping for curriculum. I figured if I could distract the students with nice aesthetics, they wouldn’t be able to tell how little I knew about what I was teaching that week…

Here’s a photo of Kelv hard at work when I needed a break from decorating… I’m learning he really loves when his neighbour visits him while he is trying to work.

We ended off the week by having all the new teachers over to our place for a games night and pizza, which was as close to home as our condo had felt since we moved here.

Beyond grateful to work at the school we are at and can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store!

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