[1] The Adventure Begins

July 12, 2019 will forever be a memorable day in our life. It was the day that marked a lifetime of dreaming coming to life, the hardest goodbyes I have ever experienced (it’s embarrassing how much I cried), and another day where God showed off His magnificent sovereignty and faithfulness.

To rewind, when I was in Grade One, I decided I wanted to be a teacher. I’m not sure if this was due to the fact I absolutely despised school (literally to the point that my mom and teacher decided it would be good to make me a “classroom helper” so I came in early to set up chairs…), or because I was constantly taking all my work home to remark as that for some reason, was the highlight of my life. Either way, I never wavered from this dream of becoming a teacher. My poor sister had to play ‘student’ many times as I constantly wanted to role play being a teacher.

When I was around 10 years old, I started to hear about missionaries who were travelling abroad to places in need of whatever skill they could offer. I slowly felt the Lord tug at my heart about teaching internationally and soon found myself lying awake at night dreaming of travelling and teaching in a variety of places.

When Kelvin and I met each other in University, he asked me what I wanted to do with my life. I told him that it was on my heart to move overseas and teach internationally. When I asked him about his own hopes for his life, he replied, “Me too,” with a smile.

July 12, 2019 is a day that we feel that the Lord brought our passions, dreams, and convictions full circle as we had a plane ticket in our hands and tremendous peace on our hearts that this was His perfect plan for us, in his perfect timing.

We will forever be grateful for a family that loved us enough to let us pursue this dream, a community that sent us away with a strong sense that they are with us, and for the copious prayers, letters, and encouragement that came with us.

Faithful you have been, faithful you will be.

One thought on “[1] The Adventure Begins

  1. Megan, thank you for sharing the beauty, joy, pain, and authenticity of your life with us through both your photos and your words. You are a gifted communicator in more ways than one, and God is using this gift to touch the hearts and lives of many, many people. I love you dearly and am so blessed to call you both a sister and a friend. Thank you for sharing 🙂


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